Say NO to Ohio’s Green New Deal

HB6 - Ohio’s Green New Deal Means Higher Utility Bills and Bigger Government

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To Fight The Proposed Green New Deal in Ohio.

Last year, the nuclear energy industry tried to make customers pay for their failure ...
They’re Back.

Say NO to HB6 - Ohio’s Green New Deal

If hardworking Ohioans don’t pay attention, the consequences
will do lasting damage to our communities.

Hazardous for Customers

HB6 – Ohio’s Green New Deal – creates over $300 million each year in new subsidies for nuclear and fossil-fuel power.

HB6 raises our electric bills to offset the costs of failed business practices.

Toxic for the
Free Market

HB6 – Ohio’s Green New Deal – creates an unfair playing field and weakens the competitive electricity market that has saved Ohio consumers and job creators roughly $3 billion each year.

Giving nuclear energy special status over other types of energy damages the current energy market.

Destructive to
Local Business

If Ohio’s Green New Deal passes, “commercial” customers would see an increase of $300 per year while large consumers would pay upwards of $30,000 per year more.

Nobody likes to see a business fail – but it is irresponsible
to ask hardworking Ohioans to bail them out.

Enough is Enough.

Say NO to Another Costly Government Bailout.
Say NO to HB6 – Ohio’s Green New Deal.